Nielsen Design Impact Award 2019

In 2019, Fountainhead was given the opportunity to redesign the packaging for MAQ, one of South Africa’s leading home care brands.

Packaging Redesign for MAQ

The need to redesign MAQ’s packaging was a result of declining sales and customer loyalty. Buyers weren’t faithful to the brand and therefore it was mainly purchased when it was on sale. Despite offering high quality products, the brand lacked equity and its message was lost. It was clear that a revival of MAQ’s image was required in order to respark buyer interest. At the time, MAQ’s range of products were sold under multiple brands and one of the goals of the redesign was to unite them and create a single range.

In order to compete with the many already established home care product companies, the redesign demanded that the quality of their products was clearly conveyed. The existing packaging lacked clarity in its message and was lost when placed on the shelf amongst other brands.

Fountainhead’s Packaging Redesign Strategy

Our team gladly accepted the challenge and we worked closely with the brand in order to fully understand their history and strategic direction for the future. Designing with intent was therefore crucial to the success. We needed to create a master brand that would span a wide range of home care products while also conveying functional and emotional benefits.

Our team designed three broad themes that included multiple variants within each theme. These designs ranged from safe to bold, all while fitting into a framework that ensured they would not alienate their current users. By keeping the brand’s end goal in mind, we were able to select a master brand that worked successfully for current and future pack formats. Equipped with a powerful new pack design, MAQ used comprehensive TV advertising to galvanise its range.

Before the redesign, MAQ sales had been rapidly declining. However, following the launch, the trend was reversed and there was immediate noticeable growth. An astonishing 487% increase in sales and a 177% improvement in preference for the new design was noted.

Nielson Design Impact Awards

Following the success of the launch, MAQ was awarded a Nielson Design Impact Award, an award which recognises successful package redesigns in the global consumer packaged goods (CPG) space. The Nielsen Design Impact Awards have gained distinction and prestige amongst the design community for highlighting the very real and measurable business value of outstanding package design.

Fountainhead is extremely proud to have been part of the redesign of MAQ’s packaging and to have contributed to the reestablishment of their brand.