Fountainhead celebrates our women

Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.

By Fay Kajee, Managing Director of Fountainhead Design

Women’s Month is a time when we honour the extraordinary women, past and present, who have made sacrifices for all women in our country. Their power, compassion and achievement is deserving of the reverence with which we hold them close.

It is also a time to celebrate the powerful women in our lives; our mothers, daughters, sisters, partners, friends. Those seemingly ordinary yet extraordinary women who listen to us, guide us, protect us, nurture us and support us throughout our journeys. When I think of what makes a woman successful, career and financial success is not top of the list. Rather it’s the depth of their wisdom earned from life experience, the peace and confidence they experience and impart in their daily lives and the integrity, compassion and support they show others while juggling their career, relationships and responsibilities. I am surrounded by amazingly wise, compassionate and honest women of all ages; every day. None of them are celebrated freedom fighters, famous fashion icons, radical political rebels, eye-wateringly wealthy entrepreneurs or acclaimed TV personalities.  Yet they are all superstars in my book.

My favourite among them has to be my nine-year-old granddaughter who I can always rely on to be brutally honest and wise.  As a six year old she was in the room while I was watching a news broadcast on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and she asked me: “Why do adults fight when they tell children to play nicely together?”

So while we rightfully and gratefully celebrate the achievements of Lilian Ngoyi, Helen Joseph, Frene Ginwala, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, Thuli Madonsela and countless other icons whose courage and resilience take our breath away, this Women’s Month I pay tribute to the amazing and irreplaceable women in my life. My mother, my aunt and my Sub A teacher who taught me the value of authenticity and instilled in me a love of reading and questioning, with the lesson that if you can read with understanding, you can do absolutely anything.

I celebrate and give thanks for my daughters and granddaughter who are my fiercest critics, my biggest fans, frighteningly forthright and keep me real. I deeply appreciate my sisters,  nieces, cousins and house-helpers, each of whom are inspiring and supportive in unique ways.  I give credit to my wonderful and diverse group of female friends who listen, who pull no punches, who mop up tears, who share in the exquisite ache of a good belly laugh, who arrive unannounced with tasty treats at the precise moment needed, who freely impart their wisdom, who lift me up and make the best travel buddies. And finally, I am in awe of the talent, commitment and compassion of my Fountainhead colleagues, who valiantly tackle every challenge with composure, confidence and care and embody our maxim #StrongerTogether.

I cherish you all.