Welcome kits were created to ensure new recruits did not ‘get lost in translation’. Each box was filled with directional and playful objects to make the process enjoyable.
A new and vibrant internal campaign that illustrates BATs commitment to clear, engaging and transparent communication with their employees.
Campari celebrates their achievements at their annual Marketing Excellence Awards conference. This year we dazzled with the Great Gatsby theme.
A BIGGER THAN YOU THINK campaign to recruit top engineer students across country to join LTS.
The exhibition stand was designed to promote LTS’s Pinpoint BPS product offering at a conference in the UK.
A coffee brand full of heart and soul, it firmly places its eclectic african style and makes a bold stance within the commercial coffee arena.
Love lamb is a new concept that brings the goodness of pure lamb from the heart of the Karoo to your doorstep.
A modern evolution to the corporate identity of this dynamic boutique consulting firm
A Corporate Identity built on wisdom & age.
Taking Sports Helicopters to even greater heights with a new and impactful identity design.
The brand where beautiful travel stories are created.
An urban functional training gym to hit Cape Town with a holistic approach to wellness aimed at body and soul.
The iconic luxury hotel, situated in the heart of Cape Town radiated, radiates class and sophistication.
A privilege to design for one of Cape Town's most famous landmarks.
Lifestyle, polo, wine and bubbles. Situated in breathtaking surroundings this brand portrays all aspects of its premium lifestyle offerings.
This popular luxury marketing agency has a sophisticated look with textile finishings that entices their clientele and sets them apart from their competitors.
An unexpected, bold and beautiful identity design for a psychologist.
A friendly and fresh approach to seafood packaging design launching a new quality Frozen seafood brand on the market.
A clean approach to a functional product.
A South African favourite with heart. A bold new statement with rustic cues within the frozen food category.
A striking new look for Parmalat, setting new standards in the South African yoghurt category.
Two new products were added to the Parmalat cheese range aligned to the clean new Parmalat look.
The beloved Peanut movie characters are brought to life in the limited edition Otees packaging redesign
President introduced their camembert and brie cheese to SA in a beautiful premium design.
Packaging upgrade. Uncluttering the packaging made for easier navigation in their water and milk based cereals.
Packaging that gives moms an easy breakfast for their kids. Just squeeze and eat.
A sophisticated and warm approach to a delicious product.
Upgrading of Simonsberg cheese range by contemporising existing brand assets.
A playful and contemporary design for one of South Africa's best known product ranges.
A trusted pharmaceutical range with strong and clearly differentiated design.
Upgrade of existing Wellington's logo and packaging to reflect a contemporary brand. Bold design for maximum shelf impact.
The trusted Wellingtons’ range repackaged into convenient 50 g sachets.
Introducing Wellingtons new and seriously good mayonnaise.
Italy's No.1 brand was launched in South Africa with two premium products: Mozzarella & Mascarpone.
Celebrating 'local is lekker' through the launch of McCain's Slap Chips. A quirky launch for a truly South African favourite!
An active brand that is alive and growing.  Blasting off to the moon, this fun and exciting competition will put stars in your eyes and a big cheesy smile on your face!
Creating a magical land of green grass, blue skies and chocolate rivers where Milky Max is able to produce a delicious chocolate flavoured dairy drink.
Inspired by different types of delicious blue cheese from around the world, we created a delectable feast table featuring the new Simonsberg offerings.
The new limited edition, deliciously sweet and refreshing tropical flavoured milk.
Today’s frozen foods has a fresh (remove comma) new look.  The new packaging promises the same taste enjoyment with a homey look and feel.
Inspirational design and vibrant finishings.
A clean approach to a functional product
An iconic brand full of flavour.